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Butter Body Bakery

Luxury Bath Treats. Handmade in the USA.

Bath Candy Sampler Gift Pack

A sweet sampler of 6 handmade bath bombs in a gift pack.
$5.00 $20.00

Sugar Cookie Bath Bomb

The scent of a classic sugar cookie! Perfect for Salons, Spas or your pedicure at home. Simply drop one into the water and enjoy a Soya Milk infused bath to soften the skin.
$1.75 $7.00

Cupcake Bath Bomb Gift Set : Key Lime Pie & Pink Lemonade

Two cupcake bath bombs in a gift box. Although they look deliciously real, they aren't edible, but will still turn your bath into a sweet experience! The cupcakes fizz when you drop them in water and create a most luxurious bath. Great as a gift, in a gift basket, as a shower/party favor, or just for fun! These bath bombs are 100% handmade with a few simple ingredients – no preservatives, parabens, or sulfates. They also contain the most luxurious of essential oils for aromatherapy and to soften the skin, lock in moisture, reduce puffiness and remove toxins and grime from your skin leaving you sugary sweet.
$5.00 $22.00